Buck and Directorate agent Marla Landers (Juanin Clay) travel to Sineloa, a gambling city that Buck finds resembles old Earth's Las Vegas. Their mission from the Earth Defense Directorate is to locate and return to Earth a kidnapped girl being held prisoner by the city's ruler, Velosi (Richard Lynch). The young woman has critical knowledge that Velosi must extract in order to destroy his competitor Armat (Cesear Romero). Armat offers the Directorate plans to the Draconian Hatchet Fighters that have been plaguing Earth's defense forces in exchange for the girl's life.


Juanin Clay plays the female lead in this episode. She was originally cast as Wilma before Erin Gray decided to do the series.)

Season 1
Awakening I Planet of the Slave Girls I Vegas in Space I The Plot to Kill a City I Return of the Fighting 69th I Unchained Woman I Planet of the Amazon Women I Cosmic Wiz Kid I Escape from Wedded Bliss I Cruise Ship to the Stars I Space Vampire I Happy Birthday, Buck I A Blast for Buck I Ardala Returns I Twiki is Missing I Olympiad I A Dream of Jennifer I Space Rockers I Buck's Duel to the Death I Flight of the War Witch