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Tigerman was the main bodyguard for Princess Ardala when Buck Rogers returned to Earth in 2491.

Character Biography[]

Tigerman was described by Kane as also being a eunuch.

Tigerman was silent in all of his appearances and assumed to be mute. In Escape from Wedded Bliss , when he refuses to kill Buck on Ardala's orders, It is one of the instances where Ardala was acting dishonorably and Kane pointed out that during the earlier trial by combat, Buck defeated Tigerman but refused to kill him. Thus Tigerman was in his right to disobey, addressing Buck with his only spoken words in the series:

"I owed you my life. We are now even."

He was temporarily assigned to one of Ardala's sisters - possibly in exchange for Pantherman.

Behind the Scenes[]

Tigerman's fate was clearly retconned from the pilot film. Buck disposes of Tigerman by strapping a bomb to him. This bomb was the same type of bomb that Buck was loading into the Draconian fighters in his sabotage plan. Given that the bomb was powerful enough to destroy a fighter, it seems improbably that Tigerman could have survived the detonation of a bomb strapped to his back. It is also likely that the Tigerman seen during the series was an identical twin.