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Planet of the Amazon Women
Season 1, Episode 8
Planet of the Amazon Women title card
Air date November 8, 1979
Written by D.C. Fontana
Richard Fontana
Directed by Philip Leacock
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Unchained Woman
Cosmic Wiz Kid

"Planet of the Amazon Women" is the eighth episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


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Buck is tricked into landing on the planet Zantia, where he is made a prisoner before being sold as a slave to Ariela, the daughter of the planet's Prime Minister. While living on the planet, Buck learns that all male members of Zantia's population have become prisoners of war while battling the planet Ruathan. Ariela talks Buck into helping free the prisoners, which involves secretly boarding the Ruathan ambassador's ship while it orbits Earth, a move that could place Earth at war with Ruathan.




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