Buck becomes involved in interplanetary politics while a guest at the interplanetary Olympics of 2492, when he is approached by Astrosled champion, Lara Tizian, whose lover, high jump athlete, Jorex Leet is being used as a political figure head by the ruler of his home planet, Lozeria. Lara and Jorex are seeking political asylum on Earth and asks Buck for his help. However, the Lozerian SaTrap is prepared to go to any lengths to keep Jorex under his heel--even murder!


Buck is invited to be a special guest at the 2492 Olympics. Shortly after arriving on Mykos, Buck is drawn into a "game" of political intrigue as Jorex Leet, an athlete from the planet Lozeria attempts to defect, with the aid of his lover, Astrosled champion, Lara Tizian, who approachs Buck for help . However, both Wilma and Buck are unaware that the Lozerian SaTrap has placed a molecular disharmonizer implant in Jorex's (McFadden) brain, capable of killing him at a moment's notice.