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Kane - Michal Ansara
Aliases/Other Names: Killer Kane
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: (Originally) Earth
Hometown/Country: Draconian Empire
Played By: Henry Silva (1979 film)
Michael Ansara (1979 series)
Henry Silva as Kane

Kane, also known as Killer Kane, is a subordinate of Princess Ardala of the Draconian Empire.


Kane is a defector from Earth to the Draconian Realm, a powerful empire said to have conquered three quarters of the known universe. He is the supreme commander of the Draconian forces under Emperor Draco.

Character Depiction[]

Kane was depicted somewhat differently by the two actors who portrayed him. Henry Silva portrayed Kane as not hiding his ambition and willing to use Ardala as a tool to climb the ladder of power. He was also more assertive towards Princess Ardala, not afraid to openly criticize her. Michael Ansara portrayed Kane as a more honorable man who was less prone to insubordination but was nonetheless able to humiliate her in more subtle ways when she behaves dishonorably. He also had a growing respect for Buck as the series progressed. In the tie-in expanded universe novel Buck Rogers: Lo, the Rings of Saturn, it was stated that the different Kanes were actually two separated, but related individuals, namely brothers. Silva played the younger brother named Arrin, who was also called "Killer". Following the failed Draconian attack on Earth in the pilot, Ardala was able to successfully scapegoat him for the disaster, and he was removed from his position; however, his fate was unspecified. Ansara played the elder Kane brother, who was named "Ansara", likely a nod to the actor who played him.

In the original 1930s Buck Rogers serials, Ardala was Kane's subordinate.

In the 1979 film and series, the character is never referred to as "Killer" Kane, except on the packaging of the Mego action figures.