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Hieronymus Fox is the President of Genesia and a terran child prodigy. He was preserved in a cryo tube until the 25th century.

Personal Life[]

He is 493 years old. If the year the show is running in is still 2491, that means Fox was born around 1998.[1]

In The 20th Century[]

Child genius of age 11. Graduated college at age 9 (2007). Received his PhD in physics at age 10 (2010). Before World War III began on Earth sometime in the next year, Fox created a prototype cryo tube that he used on himself.

In the 25th Century[]

After the war, his tube was stolen by aliens and passed around until the Genesians finally got hold of it. He was thawed out and willingly helped the Genesian people, and in gratitude for his help, he was made President of the Genesian government. He turned his presidential estate into a civic center a month ago.

Sensing an opportunity to acquire large sums of quadrillium from their planet's mines, Roderick Zale arranges his abduction from Genesia (BR25: "Cosmic Whiz Kid").

He is saved from Zale's clutches by both Captain Buck Rogers and Colonel Wilma Deering, and finds fellowship with Rogers due to their shared displacement (BR25: "Cosmic Whiz Kid"). Fox arranges a surprise for Rogers to celebrate the end of 2491 CE with a New Year's Eve celebration, much to the confusion and consternation of Dr. Elias Huer and the Earth Defense Directorate (BR25: "A Blast for Buck").


  • Currently owns a condominium with a sauna, hot tub, and tennis court.
  • For breakfast he likes scrambled eggs with peppers and onions.[2]


  1. Without accounting for time dilation, there is a superficial disparity in his age as he is said to have been born in 1976 CE, ergo making him 517 years old in 2491 CE. An erroneous belief is that his "493 years" comment to Dia Cryton is an error, as it would have (the effects of relativity notwithstanding) placed his birth after the events of 1987 CE's World War III—in 1998 CE— in the fall out of the societal upheaval. The resultant decimation of society and technology would have not only prevented Fox from becoming a college graduate, but also his ability (and resources) to build himself a cryo tube. Thus, it is logical to presume that, given Fox's certified understanding of physics, he is accounting for potential relativistic events that would have slowed his aging down considerably.
  2. Buck Rogers Blogspot entry for Cosmic Wiz Kid episode