While on the cruise ship Lyran Queen, Buck becomes friends with a beauty queen after he foils the kidnapping of Miss Cosmos (Dorothy Stratten), who is literally the most perfect example of the female specimen in this part of the galaxy. Dr. Huer informs Buck that that her DNA can be sold for millions on the black market. A woman named Alison Michaels (Kimberly Beck), is there as well on vacation with her boyfriend, Jay. Alison is suffering from hypertension and blackouts and Jay has brought her aboard the cruise ship for an impromptu vacation to help her relax. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Sabrina (Trisha Noble), who possesses superhuman powers is in pursuit of Miss Cosmos and attempts to abduct her on more than one occasion. She eludes the attempts of Buck, Wilma, Twiki, and Theo to collar her. After considerable investigation, Buck discovers the shocking truth about Sabrina and Alison's connection to her and is in a race against time to find Miss Cosmos before it's too late.