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In the show's second season, Buck, Wilma, and Twiki join the crew of a starship named Searcher. The ship, commanded by Admiral Asimov, is on a mission to locate the lost tribes of Earth -- humans who fled their home world after World War III. Also aboard the Searcher are scientist Dr. Goodfellow and Crichton -- a snobbish robot built by Dr. Goodfellow. The humans are later joined by Hawk -- a birdman whose people were hunted almost to extinction by a band of murderous humans.
The second season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century took a drastic change from it's first season. With only three of the original characters carried over, the producers were hoping for a larger audience as they made it a little more like ''Star Trek''. Unfortunately, the show had even worse ratings then before and thus with a short second season the show was cancelled.

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