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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is a science-fiction novel written by Addison E. Steele and published by Dell Publishing in 1978. It is a novelization of both the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century film and the two-hour television series premiere episode "Awakening".


Come Along on the Greatest of All Adventures! Join Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!...

As he plunges into the cosmos on Earth's last deep-space probe...

As he succumbs to an assault of tremendously cold gases...

As he is miraculously revived after a five-hundred-year "frozen death" aboard a Draconian Empire ship – only to become a plaything of the alluring Princess Ardala and a pawn in the treacherous game of Kane, menacing commander of the Draconian fleet...

As he returns to Earth a stranger, feared, suspected, driven out into the lawless wastes of Anarchia – with only a devoted android and a computerized drone...to help him save his life – and his planet – from dread tyranny.



  • The Supreme Space Spectacular from Universal!
  • A hero – and an adventure – for all time!


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