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[[File:Buck_Rogers_in_the_25th_Century_(film).jpg|thumb|Film Poster]]
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The '''Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (film)''' was a cinematic version of "[[Awakening]]".
The '''Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (film)''' was a cinematic version of "[[Awakening]]".

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Film Poster

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (film) was a cinematic version of "Awakening".


When the movie was broadcast on network TV in 1979 as “Awakening” of the TV series, a few changes were made:

  • The original, sensual opening credits sequence was replaced with a starfield background. The narration was altered and the song removed.
  • The first appearance of Wilma’s trademark catsuit.
  • Some of Buck Rogers’s more suggestive comments to Wilma Deering were cut.
  • Tigerman’s death was removed. This allowed the character to return in later episodes.
  • The TV version of the film (“Awakening”) features scenes in Buck’s 25th century apartment that was not seen in the theatrical version. The epilogue dialogue / setup for the TV series also takes place here.
  • New scenes were added that showed Buck’s apartment.
  • The idea that Buck would work for Dr. Huer and New Chicago.
  • Several scenes were added, this included an epilogue for the TV series that provided background.
  • Some dialogue was altered to avoid double meanings.
  • Twiki’s line “I’m freezing my ball-bearings off!” in the theatrical version is replaced with “My micro-discs are turning blue!” in the TV version.
  • The 1979 UK theatrical release of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century had several scenese removed to obtain an “A” classification.
  • In the theatrical version, “Weatherly”, a pilot killed in the pirate raid, is female. In the TV version, footage of a male pilot is used.
  • The movie was reedited into a 2 parter for syndication.
  • The TV episode version of this film changed from William Conrad to Vic Perrin during scenes involving the Draconia announcer. Only 1 line of Conrad’s original voice work as the was left in.