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Buck Rogers is a Universal Pictures serial from 1939 that is based on the comic strip of the same name. Shot on the sets of Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, the serial is based on a book in which Flash Gordon travels to Saturn. Buster Crabbe portrays Buck Rogers and Constance Bennett, an opera singer, portrays Wilma Deering. In the serial, the enemy is Killer Kane, the insane ruler of the planet Earth, who is trying to make a treaty with the people of Saturn so as to use their resources against the rebels led by Dr. Huer.


A test pilot, Anthony "Buck" Rogers, and his young pal Buddy are flying across the globe in an experimental dirigible when they crash and have to deploy the Nirvano Gas in order to stay alive. 500 years later, they are found by one of Dr. Huer's patrols, revived, and brought to the rebel base, where they learn that Kane, the mad ruler of Earth who is a descendant of the gangsters of the 20th century, wants to make a treaty with the people of Saturn so as to be able to partner with them against the rebels. Buck must now thwart Kane's plans and assure that the rebels make the treaty with Saturn.


There was supposed to be a cycle of Buck Rogers serials, but ultimately, this was the only one ever made. A third Flash Gordon serial was made instead of Buck Rogers 2.

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