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A Blast for Buck
Season 1, Episode 16
A Blast for Buck title card
Air date January 17, 1980
Teleplay by Richard Nelson
Story by John Gaynor
Directed by David G. Phinney
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Happy Birthday, Buck
Ardala Returns

"A Blast for Buck" is the sixteenth episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


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A communication probe arrives in Dr. Huer's office, and delivers a strange riddle:

"A man out of old Earth's past, has the key to the next and the last; but you won't solve this riddle, till the end is the middle, and Terran sands disappear with a blast."

The future survival of Earth depends on whether or not mind probes used on Buck can solve the riddle. Searching for a solution, Buck recounts his previous adventures since his arrival on 25th Century Earth.




Episode Cast[]

  • Gil Gerard as Capt. William "Buck" Rogers
  • Erin Gray as Col. Wilma Deering
  • Tim O'Connor as Dr. Elias Huer
  • Gary Coleman as Hieronymous Fox
  • Patty Maloney as Twiki
  • Mel Blanc as Voice of Twiki
  • Ana Alicia as Felina Redding (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Elizabeth Allen as Roxanne Trent (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Michael Ansara as Kane (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Victor Argo as Raphael Argus (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Kimberly Beck as Alison Michaels (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Tara Buckman as Majel (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Karen Carlson as Stella Warden (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Juanin Clay as Major Marla Landers (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • William Conrad as Voice of Narrator (uncredited)
  • Buster Crabbe as Brigadier Gordon (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Jen Burton (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Nancy DeCarl as Sherese (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Michael DeLano as Malary Pantera (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Robert Dowdell as Galen (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Ann Dusenberry as Ariela Dyne (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Eddie Firestone as Corporal M.K. Schultz (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Lester Fletcher as M.D. Toman (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Sean Garrison as Flight Controller (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Frank Gorshin as Seton Kellogg (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Peter Graves as Major Noah Cooper (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • H.B. Haggerty as Tigerman (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Pamela Hensley as Princess Ardala (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Walter Hunter as Hugo (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Anthony James as Varek (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Richard Lynch as Morgan Velosi (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Leigh McCloskey as Jalor Davin (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Trisha Noble as Sabrina (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Jack Palance as Kaleel (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Albert Popwell as Koren (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • John Quade as Jolen Quince (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Robert Quarry as Commander Corliss (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Jay Robinson as Cassius Thorne (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Melody Rogers as Lt. Dia Cyrton (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Eric Server as Voice of Dr. Theopolis (uncredited)
  • Pamela Susan Shoop as Tangie (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Teddi Siddall as Linea (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Felix Silla as Twiki (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • K.T. Stevens as Lt. Twain (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Dorothy Stratten as Miss Cosmos (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Woody Strode as Sgt. "Big Red" MacMurthy (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Dan Sturkie as Eli Twain (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Ray Walston as Roderick Zale (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Katherine Wiberg as Alicia (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Sheila Wills as Major Fields (uncredited) (Archive Footage)
  • Joseph Wiseman as Carl Morphus (uncredited) (Archive Footage)

Episode Crew[]

  • Directed by David G. Phinney
  • Teleplay by Richard Nelson
  • Story by John Gaynor
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Medora Heilbron, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson and David J. O'Connell
  • Cinematography by Ben Colman
  • Film Editor - Leon Ortiz-Gil
  • Casting - Phil Benjamin
  • Art Director - Fred Luff, III
  • Set Decorator - Frank Lombardo
  • Costume Designer - Al Lehman

Production Management[]

  • Harker Wade - Unit Production Manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director[]

  • Bob Bender - First Assistant Director
  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director

Art Department[]

  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)

Sound Department[]

  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor

Special Effects[]

  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator (uncredited)

Visual Effects[]

  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects

Camera and Electrical Department[]

  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera

Costume and Wardrobe Department[]

  • Barry Downing - Costume Supervisor: Gil Gerard

Music Department[]

  • Glen A. Larson - Composer: Theme Music
  • Herbert D. Woods - Music Editor
  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)

Additional Crew[]

  • Alan Brennert - Story Editor


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